Native Plants Are
For the Birds...
And Everybody Else

Welcome to my corner of the world where native plants in the garden create an oasis for local wildlife with food and shelter. I have seen more pollinators, more birds, bees and butterflies than ever before now that my garden is mostly made up of native plants. In the last few years, I have planted native trees, shrubs and perennials in order to establish a desirable habitat for the denizens in my yard. It has been quite fulfilling to create a haven by planting native flora for fauna.

The photographs on this site are all my own as I’ve captured some of my favorite moments with my camera. I caption the photos with the common name, the Latin name (in italics) and, if applicable, the ‘variety’ (in single quotes) so that you can readily identify the plant pictured. Since I’ve found it frustrating on other sites when I don’t know when or where a photo of a plant is taken, I also include the dates of my photos and the hardiness zone that it’s taken in. This will make clear what a plant looks like at a given time and place since plant characteristics change with time and location.

This blog will feature posts about which native plants work for specific uses and conditions. I will be showcasing favorites for their most exquisite features with discussions about how native plants are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem.

Please explore the Flora Focus page for the latest posts about specific favorite plants and why I love them. Each highlighted plant will have a description as well as a ‘Plant Info’ box that gives a snapshot of benefits, hardiness, soil, water and light requirements. I will update the blog regularly with new posts that include photos that depict how the plants look at the time of the post. The captions and the date of the post will indicate when the plant is shown in all its glory.

You can also check out the Native Plants page for information and tips about how to maintain your native garden and help it thrive within its ecosystem.

Heart Log
The Secret Life of Dead Trees
Dead trees feed and house local wildlife. And as they decompose, they release nutrients into the soil that help the plants around them...
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Chokeberry and fallen Redbud leaves
Leave Them Be
Fallen leaves in autumn serve a very important purpose and should not be removed from garden beds if possible.
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Little Bluestem in Autumn
Little Bluestem Gets a Standing Ovation
This colorful grass has beautiful colors which shine like no other grass I've seen. This tough, native grass makes a bold statement...
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Big Bluestem, Andropogon gerardii, among seed heads of NY Ironweed, Vernonia noveboracensis.
The Colors of Autumn Aren't All in the Trees
While it is tempting to look up and out over a canopy of trees changing colors in the fall, sometimes you'll find autumn jewels by...
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White Heath Aster and Bush Honeysuckle.
White Heath Aster 'Snow Flurry'
Snow in September? It almost seems like it with this adorable, creeping ‘Snow Flurry’ variety of White Heath Aster which forms a ground-covering...
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Hummingbird confronts Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed flower. ©2022, Elana Goren. All Right Reserved.
Paradise in Your Own Backyard
Why plant natives? Bringing the beauty and glory of the great outdoors to your home is as easy as planting native plants.
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